My Story

My Father Wally was a woodworker and had a full wood shop. He generally produced a lot of projects, but Christmas projects were his specialty. Throughout my life I watched him and thought working with wood looked fun, but never pursued the hobby as it seemed I was always too busy and maybe I wouldn't like it. In 2000 he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and passed away 5 Months later.

After he passed away his shop sat idle and the tools and equipment started to gather dust.  My mother wanted to sell the tools as they were just sitting around taking up space. Thankfully before she decided to sell the tools, my mother asked my sibling and I if we wanted any.

I had dabbled a little bit in woodworking, but not to the extent in which my father had. Ultimately I decided to take some of his tools such as a radial arm saw, some planers, a scroll saw, a band saw, a table saws,  and every power tool and hand tool he had. From my fathers old possessions  I began my passion for woodworking.

I started with easy little crafts and anything that looked to be trendy in magazines, on facebook, or on pinterest. I experimented with pallet items, oak coffee tables, and bedroom headboards. While working on these various projects my woodcraft experience grew.

In 2015 my wife and I purchased a camper and started outfitting it with all the necessities that we would need needed to camp comfortably. I quickly realized that we needed some sort of camping game. I started researching and decided that the Corn hole game also know as Beanbag Boards game was what we were missing!


Wally Brecht
Photo of Wally Brecht

I began research on what the game entailed and decided to try my hand at building a set. We entertained some friends with a friendly game of Beanbag at our camp site and their interest and others like them have grown my hobby into a small business. To date I have made 57 sets of the boards with themes such as NFL Football, Major League Baseball, College Football, Weddings, and local Business Events.

As I have become older woodworking in general has  really has grown into a hobby for myself. I find working with wood to be relaxing, and I love to hear what people think of my projects after I am done making them. My Motto is “show me a picture and I can make it”. So if you are thinking about something, shoot me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

 "Show me a picture and I can make it."

                    -Mike Brecht-